Embers at Salford Sacred Trinity Church, Manchester

Embers' Steven, George and Will at Salford Sacred Trinity Church

Early in 2013 I wanted to see Esben and The Witch at the Fuhrur Bunker in Manchester. I couldn't see Esben and The Witch as the gig had sold out. I was quite surprised so investigated further - it turned out the support band were largely responsible. That's when I first heard of Embers. They were kindly giving away two MP3s - Part of the Echoes and Hollow Cage - both recorded live at a mysterious looking monastery in Manchester. Not long later and I was a bigger fan of Embers than Esben and The Witch, and probably most other new bands I've heard in the last year or two.

Embers' GeorgeEmbers' George and stained glass windows at Salford Sacred Trinity Church

I eagerly awaited news of another Embers gig and snapped up a ticket for Salford's Sacred Trinity Church as soon as they went on sale.

That's where my memory fails me, perhaps because I'm writing this a week after the gig and it was my 2nd of 4 in 4 nights, from Stoke-on-Trent to Salford to Derby and finally Manchester. I can't remember what the first song was, but it was one of the highlights. I remember being pleasantly surprised at the number and continuing quality of the new tracks, which gives me great hope for Embers' debut album - I think some bands are guilty of spending too much time on songs, perhaps ripping the life out of them, but for Embers this doesn't seem the case. They spend a lot of time working on their songs and visuals and it shows in a good way.

I remember one song threatening to break the 250-year-old buttresses from the church, with it's thunderous drum intro followed by almost satanic wailings and whirlings reverberating through the nave, with the four main members and extra string section combining to superb effect.

I don't usually take much notice of projections, but set closer, Hollow Cage, was mesmerisng aurally and visually, with waves and waterfalls behind the band matching the majesty of the song.

Roll on the next gig, I hope they start to come more frequently...

Embers' WillEmbers' keyboardist Will at Salford Sacred Trinity Church
Embers' StevenEmbers' guitarist Steven at Salford Sacred Trinity Church
Embers' NathanEmbers' drummer Nathan at Salford Sacred Trinity Church
Embers' (and PINS and about 60 other bands) SophieViolinist Sophie at Salford Sacred Trinity Church
Embers and chandelier at Salford Sacred Trinity Church
Spooky looking projectionsEmbers and projections of faces at Salford Sacred Trinity Church
Embers' George and chandelierEmbers' George and chandelier at Salford Sacred Trinity Church


Bernard + Edith

Strong vocals and atmospheric sounds.

Bernard + Edith's Edith
Bernard + Edith's Bernard


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