Cool Blue Welding Lens Shade 10

Cool Blue Welding Lens Shade 10. 1 3/8 x 3 13/16 • thickness: Most people call it a “cool blue” when they talk about it.

Jackson Welding Helmet Blue Shade 10 Wide Lens

Solar powered auto darkening welding filter. 4.7 (43) · usd 11.1 · in stock. It was only produced in shades 10 and shade 12.

It Is Imperative To Wear An Anzi Z87.1 Approved Clear Lens, In Front &Amp;

Web constant uv/ir protection fits any std welding helmet filter size: Web for 33 years, the american optics weld cool or aowc (cool blue welding lens as it was affectionately called) was the perfect welding lens standard. many examples are being sold on places like ebay for upwards of $700 or more if you could find one in good shape in a shade of 10h. We are a small, family owned and operated business, dedicated to bringing the best cool blue welding lens on the market to the hoods of every hardworking welder.

The Ultra Cool Blue Welding Lens Should Be Included As Part Of Your Everyday Welding Supplies!

I received both a #9 and a #10 shade from carl to check out. A great back up lens, while waiting for your new wens lens! 4.7 (43) · usd 11.1 · in stock.

Web Ao Cool Blue Shade 10 ( The Original) Selling My Cool Blue.

Web wens lens ultra the ultra cool blue welding glass transmits light in the blue range but effectively blocks uv light of 400 nm or less. It was only produced in shades 10 and shade 12. Cool blue welding lens shade 10.

10, 11, And 12 • Optical Rating:

Opens in a new window or tab. Wens lens ultra electric ice. A lot of people call it the cool blue lens.

Not Recommended For Heliarc Welding.

We serve you with great pride and promise to always try our hardest to be fair and intuitive in our business with you. 100+ bought in past month. Web the welding lens is an american optics weld cool shade 10.