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Harley Davidson Turn Signal Problems. Custom small spade type bulbs front and back (5watt) with a resistor style load module in. 3 received 0 likes on 0 posts turn signal issues i have a 1998 sportster 1200 i recently bought.

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So to check the bulb, i took it out of the housing, and switched sides to make sure it was the bulb. I hope someone can help. Troubleshooting hazard lights and diy turn signal module replacement;

I Got Them To Shut Off But I Am Wondering If This Is Some Sort Of Code.

This means that the turn signal switch may be bad. So to check the bulb, i took it out of the housing, and switched sides to make sure it was the bulb. Don't know what else to check.

Web Follow These Steps If You Want To Perform An Additional Confirmation Test Just For The Heck Of It,, => With The Tsm Is Still Unplugged And Ignition Key Off,, If You Were To Apply 12V To The Violet Wire Of The Tsm Connector, Both Left Turn Signal Bulbs Along With The Dash Indicator Should Light Up.

I put an led headlight in and now whenever im riding my right turn signal stops working and the red key light turns on on my speedo. Could it be related to the silent alarm or a relay? Web #1 i’m not getting any power to the right side turn signals, the green arrow on the dash don’t light up on right, and turn signals are very dim and slow on left side.

Web The Other Day I Fired The Bike Went For A Ride And The Left Turn Signal Came On By Itself.

It had no front turn signals (the wires were cut at the handlebars). I noticed that one of my relocated rear turn signals (throttle side) on my 08 street bob stopped working. They will not signal when.

The Wiring For The Turn Signal Lights Goes Through The Turn Signal Switch.

You can check the light bulb sockets and/or the power to detect any further issues. Our aim is to help you identify the problems and fix them faster so. Web #1 · jun 6, 2018 i have an 09 1200xl.

Web Check The Flasher For Functionality (Turn Signal Relay).

Usually, a blown fuse, a poor flasher unit, or a faulty turn signal switch may be the reason behind this problem. I put 14 apes to help this ol'grey beard ride better and more comfortably. I took the leaver back off and reassembled with more care and all was good.