How To Reset Merkury Light Bulb

How To Reset Merkury Light Bulb. You can do this by using the switch on your. Reset the bulb by turning it off and on three times.

How To Reset Merkury LED Strip (Explained)

How do i reset the device and what does the blinking light mean? Turn off the smart bulb the first step in resetting your merkury smart bulb is to turn it off. Make sure your sleek bulb is getting power and is switched on;

Wait For The Bulb To Start Flashing Rapidly.

Open the merkury smart app on. (in easy mode, you’ll see the bulb flashing quickly, 2x per second). Screw the bulb into a working socket of the lamp, then turn it on.

Reset The Bulb By Turning It Off And On Three Times.

Reset once (off and on 3 times) to reach easy mode. Screw the bulb in and turn the power on. Turn the bulb back on and wait for it to start blinking.

Step 2 To Select The Desired Color, Press And Drag The Color Indicator.

How do i reset the device and what does the blinking light mean? Connectivity problems one of the most common issues with merkury smart bulbs is connectivity problems. Web how to reset merkury smart bulb.

Web The First Step In Resetting Your Merkury Smart Bulb Is To Turn Off The Power To The Bulb.

Web screw in the merkury bulb and turn on the power. Turn off the power to the bulb by using the light switch or unplugging the lamp. Web step 1 tap on the merkury bulb tile on the home page to access more light bulb features.

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Resetting a merkury bulb is easy. There are several reasons why your smart bulb might be having trouble connecting: The bulb is too far away from your router