Optical Drive Power Connector

Optical Drive Power Connector. There are no normal power leads coming from the power supply that can be used to connect the dvd. Web install the optical drive bracket.


Web storage or optical drives are intended to be connected using these connectors. Sata (power) we have sata power cables for all storage drives and optical drives because they require power. I’ll go try to buy one tomorrow for that.

Pin 8 Of The Slimline Power Connector, Denoting Device Presence, Is Shorter Than The Others To.

2 connect the sata cable (the end with the branching power cable) to the back of the optical drive. Web typically they ship with a cable in one of the power ports with connectors for two sata devices. Installing an optical drive is fairly easy, but you must understand how they connect.

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Web connect the power supply to the optical drive. Web 3 answers sorted by: The cable can only be inserted in one direction, so don’t force it.

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The power cables have one to four power connectors each, allowing them to power multiple devices from a single cable. Sata (power) we have sata power cables for all storage drives and optical drives because they require power. If you had 2 or 3 hard drives on one cable you may want to spread the load onto.

Web Storage Or Optical Drives Are Intended To Be Connected Using These Connectors.

This extension sata cable power cord 15 pin connector is used to extend the sata power supply, connects a computer power supply with serial ata hdd, ssd, optical drives, dvdb burners and pci cards. If you have no cables in either #6 then the acer part number. Web solution g garthmicro mar 3, 2021 well, i finally figured out the answer to my own question.

Web Install The Optical Drive Bracket.

You have to purchase an additional cable when you go past two devices. Web installing an optical drive. Use the sata power connector to plug into the larger sata slot on your optical drive.