Pokemon Sv Wide Lens

Pokemon Sv Wide Lens. Web you will receive the wide lens item when you go to circhester and do the detective event at the hotel. However, there are moves like double kick which will always hit the same amount of times.

How to Get Wide Lens Location Pokémon Sun and Moon Wide Lens Location

It can also be used as a move with 30 base power. One, you need to figure out where to find and how to get the wide lens in scarlet and violet. But you’ll need to visit levincia’s flagship store to find this particular item.

You'll Find A Couple With A Stunky Looking For Lenses Just South Of The Gym.

The wide lens is an item you can give to a specific pokémon to hold increasing the accuracy of his moves by 10%. Follow the main path till you reach artazon town. You will get the wide lens from the detective after finding out who the culprit is.

When This Item Is Held By A Pokémon, The Moves Used By The Pokémon Have Their Accuracy Increased By 10% Of Their Accuracy Value.

It can also be used as a move with 30 base power. It’s being held hostage at a delibird presents, which is franchise scattered across paldea. Web wide lens is a held item in pokemon scarlet and violet (sv).

Web Where To Find Wide Lens In Pokemon Sv Similar Items Based On Type (Held Items) Here You Can Navigate All Of The Held Items In Sv.

The accuracy of attacks by the holder is 1.1x. The following pokemon may hold the item, wide lens. Web read this info on wide guard for pokemon scarlet and violet (sv)!

Here Are Simple Steps To Reach This Town From Mesagoza And Buy It.

Ability shield absorb bulb air balloon amulet coin assault vest big root binding band black belt black glasses black sludge blunder policy booster energy brightpowder cell battery charcoal choice band choice scarf You can get it by using the move thief or trick. The accuracy of attacks by the holder is 1.1x.

In Order To Find The Lenses, Talk To The Stunky First Then Talk To The Boy.

Web talk to stunky in veilstone city to get lenses. Web what is the wide lens? An item to be held by a pokémon.