Bell And Howell Filmo Camera

Bell And Howell Filmo Camera. This is the manual for bell and howell's first 16mm camera, the filmo 70. Web the bell and howell filmo 16mm camera the […]

16Mm Bell And Howell Camera

16Mm Bell And Howell Camera. 4:3 / 8.40 x 6.30mm. Web the awesomest camera that i have! Web bell & howell 200ee 16 mm cine camera. Web the […]

Bell & Howell Cine Camera

Bell & Howell Cine Camera. The 70c was introduced in 1929 and featured a three lens turret, to make changing lenses quicker and easier. Great savings & free […]

Bell & Howell Autoload Super 8 Camera

Bell & Howell Autoload Super 8 Camera. Electrically driven, it runs at 18 frames/second. 18 + 1 single frame. Web get the best deals on bell and howell […]