Brownie Camera Target Six-16

Brownie Camera Target Six-16. A simple box camera with horizontal and vertical view finders that show magnified images. The original price was 4. It came with a number […]

Six-16 Brownie Camera

Six-16 Brownie Camera. It has a slide at the top you can pull.web It has a lever allowing for time exposures to be made with a tripod socket […]

Kodak Brownie Camera Holiday Flash

Kodak Brownie Camera Holiday Flash. This has a brown bakelite body with a gold metal front, that does have some wear. Web i'm in the second week of […]

Brownie Movie Camera 8Mm

Brownie Movie Camera 8Mm. Web michael raso gives an overview (and tests) the 1963 kodak brownie 8 funsaver movie camera. Check out our movie camera kodak brownie 8mm […]

Brownie Hawkeye Camera Flash Model Kodak

Brownie Hawkeye Camera Flash Model Kodak. Web #kodak #rochester #boxcamera #postwar #1950s #mediumformata brief overview of the kodak brownie hawkeye (flash, in this case) 620 camera made from […]

Brownie Bulls Eye Camera

Brownie Bulls Eye Camera. Jumo3222 (74) 100% jumo3222 (74) 100%. It was designed by arthur h crapsey and made by kodak between 1954 & 1960. It was designed […]

Kodak Brownie Starmatic Camera

Kodak Brownie Starmatic Camera. Web my collection includes the finest camera in the series, the kodak brownie starmatic. This camera gives you 12 square images per roll of […]